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Brett is currently arranging and orchestrating a series of songs written during the Holocaust by the occupants of the Vilna Ghetto for the album project The Songs They Sang. It is an amazing and moving project, and is part of a much larger holocaust project under the auspices of the Holocaust Heritage Education & Arts Foundation. Recording is planned for late summer. He has also arranged and orchestrated songs for Judith Durham’s first album release in 15 years, Epiphany, released late 2011.

Completed string arrangements for Melinda Schneider’s
Doris Day tribute show.

Brett has concluded the 13 part family TV series ‘Snake Tales’ for producer Ann Darrouzet. The music was composed in the style of the classic 60’s & 70’s sitcoms, using many vintage keyboard sounds as well as a rhythm section. There is also an episode where the score pays homage to the great 50’s monster movie scores composed by legends such as Henry Mancini and Herman Stein in their full over the top glory.

Prior to ‘Snake Tales’ Brett concluded the score for the feature length documentary ‘Whatever Happened to Brenda Hean?’ which investigates the disappearance of leading Tasmanian conservationist, Brenda Hean and pilot Max Price, in 1972. The film is far more than a mere search for an answer to the question posed by the film’s title; it becomes a journey into Tasmanian history, politics and society. Brenda was an accomplished piano player and the score makes full use of the resources of the piano, not only in it’s more common usage as a melodic and harmonic instrument, but with the use of piano sounds (taps, hits, scrapes and more) for all the percussion, drumming and atmospheres of the score. Piano sounds are taken and processed to create brand new sounds, synthesized yet still with an organic base. For examples please look at the Movie Clips and Audio pages.

Brett named 'Best New Composer 2006' by the International Film Music Critics Association. Brett was honored for his acclaimed score to Half Light alongside other well known composers such as Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and John Powell. The score was also nominated for Score of the Year by Movie Music UK as well as the Spanish language site Cine & BSO.
Mixing has concluded on The Skeptic, with a release date yet to be announced. Clips to be added soon.
Soundtrack to Half Light available through MovieScore Media and iTunes.