Big Dog Music

© 2013 Brett Rosenberg
Brett was born into a musical family. His father Ron is somewhat of a local legend as a piano player and arranger, having played for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat ‘King’ Cole. Brett’s first jobs were as a keyboard player around town, however he always had a strong interest in composing for film. Early on he took private lessons in composition from Brian May (Mad Max), who encouraged him to go and further his studies in Los Angeles. He went to LA in 1990 and took classes in Film Scoring at UCLA.

His first scoring assignment was in 1996, and since then he has worked in all areas of composition for the moving image, from fun filled, multi award winning music for children’s television, to documentary, short film, advertising, and feature film. His scores have ranged from retro 60’s flavored R’n’B, to large orchestral, to gypsy jazz, to ambient. All scores are written with the drama and story of the film uppermost in mind.

His most acclaimed score is for the romantic thriller Half Light, starring Demi Moore and Hans Mathieson, which was named by many score critics in their Top 10 scores of 2006.